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Dental Office Training 2 South is a new state-of-the-art facility opening winter of 2019 in Fort Myers, Florida. Our entry level dental assistant programs are designed for men and women of all ages and skill levels. If you desire to start, change, recreate or alter a career path, DOT 2 South has the right program for you. It’s never too late to start enjoying a new dream career in one of the fastest growing occupations in the country!

Advance your career and income! Florida law now permits expanded function dental assistants to place Amalgam and Composite Restorations. Learn how in one of the first Florida Dental Board approved programs. Dot 2 South!

Our Dental Assistant Training Programs

Entry Level Dental Assistant Program

Intense hands-on training that includes software, lab, radiology, chair-side assisting, and some basic expanded duty skills.

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Program

Expanded Functions Dental Assisting operates under the dentist direction in the dental office. You will earn a certificate of completion. 



The program is designed for anyone who might desire to start, change, recreate, or alter a career path.


Don’t ever think it’s too late to start enjoying something you’ve put off or always dreamed of.


The dental assistant training program does not interfere with weekends or family time. 


Think advanced programs, growing field, flexible training.


  • Awesome Hours & Great Pay
  • Evenings & Weekends Free
  • Holidays With Family
  • Professional Environment
  • Multiple Career Path Options


Highly Trained DOT North Graduates!


Spots Left for DOT 2 South's First Class!

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What To Expect

Job Responsibilities Of A Dental Assistant?
There are a variety of job responsibilities that come with dental assisting and they can vary from practice to practice. However, here are some of the most common:
  • Assisting the dentist with patient relations and performing many different dental treatments and procedures.
  • You will be taking X-Rays and developing them.
  • Obtaining patients medical history, blood pressure and pulse.
  • Sterilizing and organizing all dental equipment and instruments.
  • Dealing with the dentist, patient relationships and making patients feel comfortable before, during and after their visits.
  • Educating adults and children about proper oral hygiene including how to properly brush and floss their teeth, as well as the role diet plays in oral health.
  • Taking impressions of patients’ teeth for casts.
  • Office organization, patient files and other management tasks.
  • Answering phones, making patient appointments, patient billing, talking with vendors and ordering supplies.
  • And much more!
What Does The Job Market Look Like In Next 10 Years?

Dental Assistants are one of the fastest growing occupations in the field, with an expected 18% increase in the number of jobs available by 2024.

  • Dental assisting certificate
  • Provisional radiology license
  • CPR certification
  • Eligibility to sit for RHS/DANB exam
  • Software training

Dental Office Training 2 South can teach you how to use the latest technology in a career field that continues to grow. DOT2South is approved by both the Florida Dental Board and licensed through the Florida Department of Education.

What's It's Like To Work As A Dental Assistant?

Being a dental assistant is an exciting career because you get to deal with many different people every day and you’ll also have a wide variety of daily tasks to keep you busy. That means you will enjoy going to work and the days will fly by because you will have the opportunity to help others while doing what you love.

Typical Hours For A Dental Assistant?

Most dental assistants work full time. However, in 2014 about 1 in 3 dental assistants worked part-time. The average hours worked for full-time dental assistants is approximately 36-37 hours per week and part-time dental assistants worked an average of 24-26 hours per week. Additionally, there are some dental practices that are open during the evenings and weekends as well.

Life Outside The Office?

Since being a dental assistant doesn’t usually require you to work long hours, you will have more time to spend with family and friends. Therefore, becoming a dental assistant could mean you have a better quality of life than you would had you chosen differently.

Start or Recreate Your Career In Less Than 4 Months!

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